Wireless Load Monitoring for Stage & Rigging

Music festivals and concerts require large stages which must not only support musicians, but the impressive lighting and sound systems expected from high profile events.The use of telemetry strain gauge acquisition modules in conjunction with a wireless radio handheld display allows continuous monitoring of a structure.

The Application:

Temporary structures for special events are not only becoming larger and more complex, they are also more commonplace and having greater loads applied to them. In addition they are being exposed to ever-changing and less-predictable weather patterns. Accurate data is required for both the build and setup process as well as during the event. Monitoring of actual rigging loads, weight distribution and wind speed is a necessity for organizers and operators to make informed decisions prior to catastrophe striking. Constant monitoring and logging of this load and wind speed data for future reference is essential.

The Wireless Solution:

A set of 16 load cell shackles would be used to monitor key points on the stage system such as chain hoist locations, grid hanging points and tensioned steel tie lines.

The values from all 16 load cells can be gathered using a single PC running the T24 logging software. Each input can be individually zeroed allowing riggers to monitor not only the total loads but also the changes in load during adverse weather conditions as well as allowing a user to monitor the inertial effects of multiple moving-head lights. This can ensure the structure stands firm during the wettest and wildest of festivals. 

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Products used in this application:

Wireless Sensor Transmitter Enclosure

Wireless Sensor Transmitter Enclosure

OEM Wireless Strain Gauge Sensor Transmitter

OEM Wireless Strain Gauge Sensor Transmitter

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