Universal Input Digital Signal Conditioner & Controller (UAB)

Universal Input Digital Signal Conditioner & Controller (UAB)
Universal digital signal condtioner in IP65 waterproof case (D3) PCB DIN rail mounted option (D2)
  • Digital set-up and calibration using handheld plug-in display / keypad or comms
  • Optional local or remote LCD display and keypad
  • Fully isolated 4-20 mA and 0-10 V analog outputs
  • Set-points and event handling using digital inputs and 2 x SPCO relays
  • RS232 or RS485 communications for setup, data transfer or label / ticket printing
  • Wide range of plug-in input modules providing transducer excitation
  • Fully flexible - any input module can be combined with any output module
  • Simple one pass digital calibration for minimum set-up time on site
  • High accuracy and high stability over a wide temperature range
  • UAB PCB mounting options include with case (D3) or DIN rail mounted as photo on left (D2)
  • The UAB also has the option of a stainless steel case
  • PCB dimensions 100 x 166 mm

The UAB universal input digital signal conditioner & controller is a very flexible digital signal conditioning system. Presented in an OEM modular PCB format, for use with a wide range of sensors and transducers, including volts, amps, temperature, frequency, speed, load, force, pressure, torque, LVDT, RVDT and many more.

The digital architecture of the UAB offers very easy one-pass calibration and fast setup.

This digital signal conditioning amplifier offers options of local or remote LCD display, isolated analogue outputs, latching relays or digital outputs for control or alarm functions.

The RS232 or RS485 options provide for digital communications (including setup) and can support label or ticket printers.

 Universal Digital Signal Conditioner and Controller UAB

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universal digital signal conditioner and controller uab


  • Instrument Explorer : Version 2 build 2.0b This software allows the user to quickly set up and start to use the digitisers and indicators that Mantracourt offers. Capabilities include event monitoring and data logging, as well as calibration and configuration.

Product order options

Base Unit Code
Universal Input Digital Signal Conditioner & Controller UAB
Inputs Code
UAB Input Module 0-10V UADCV1
UAB 0-20mA Input Module UADCA1
UAB Temperature: Type K UAT1
Temperature: Type J UAT2
Temperature: PT100 UAPT
Temperature: Rate/Totaliser UARTL
Comms Code
(LIMITED STOCK please call for availability) 20mA Current Loop for MODBUS RTU, ASCII & MANTRABUS LC1
RS485/232 Communications supports ASCII & MANTRABUS LC3
Relay Output Code
Relay Output Module 2 Set Points (2 x SPCO 5A 240V AC ) LR1
Power Supplies Code
AC Power Supply 110/120V, or 220/230V AC LS1
DC Power Supply 9-32V DC LS3
Display Code
On Board Programmer LP1
Remote Hand Held Programmer LP2
Hand Held Programmer for High Res Input Modules LP3
Mounting Enclosure Code
Die Cast IP65 Case with Die Cast Lid 220 x 120 x 80mm LDC
Stainless Steel IP65 Case with Stainless Steel Lid 220 x 160 x 90 mm LSS
DIN Rail Mounting Fixture D2
IP65 Rated Case and DIN Rail Mounting for DSJ4, LCA, UAB, JBA, SMW D3
Extended Mounting Code
Transparent Plastic Case Lid LTL
Accessories Code
ABS IP65 Case with Plain ABS Lid 200 x 120 x 75mm LAB
Q: What is the maximum power rating for a full UAB rack?

A: 100 Watts

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