Indicator For Temperature, 0-10V, 4-20mA, Speed and Potentiometer (SMP)

Weighing Controller: Load Cell Controller
  • Large LCD display and keypad
  • Wide range of plug in input modules that provide transducer excitation
  • Fully isolated 4-20mA and 0-10V analog outputs
  • Setpoints and event handling using digital inputs and 2 x SPCO relays
  • PID control capability, peak hold, measurement in any engineering units
  • Fully digital set-up and calibration using built-in LCD display and keypad or comms
  • High accuracy and high stability over a wide temperature range
  • RS232 or RS485 communications for setup, data transfer or label/ticket printing
  • IP65 / NEMA4 ABS bulkhead mounting enclosure
  • The SMP has AC or DC power supply options

The SMP Indicator for temperature, 0-10 V, 4-20 mA, speed and potentiometer is a very flexible digital indicator and display system in a wall or surface mounting format, for use with a wide range of sensors and transducers, including volts, amps, temperature, frequency, speed, load, force, pressure, torque, LVDT, RVDT and many more.

The digital architecture of the SMP offers very easy one-pass calibration and fast setup.
This versatile device offers options of isolated analogue outputs, latching relays or digital outputs for control or alarm functions.

The RS232 or RS485 options provide for digital communications (including setup) and can support label or ticket printers.

For a panel mount or DIN rail mount version of the SMP, see model ADP15 Versatile Indicator /Controller
For a wireless telemetry version, see models T24-SO and SERIALDIS Radio Telemetry Display Module.

Input Modules Available  
UARTL Rate/Totaliser
UAPT Resistance Thermocouple (PT100)
UADIA Dual Channel 4 to 20mA Input - (speed 800mS per Channel)
UADIV Dual Channel 0 to 10V Input - (speed 800mS per Channel)
Analogue Outputs
Type 4-20mA and 0-10V DC
Drive 4-20mA up to 1Kohm and 0-10 volts up to 2mA.
Accuracy 4-20mA + 0.15% of range, typical. 0-10V ±2% before calibration.
Resolution as for display up to 13 bits/4.5 digits. Settling time 350mS to within 1% of step change.
Isolation ±130V RMS or DC max to analogue input or any other port.
Fast Analogue Output For use with the UAFLC
Power Supplies
110V-120V AC or 220/230V AC 50-60Hz 10W, 9-32V DC 10W isolated
Data Retention/Protection
Retention 10 years for set up values, minimum of 100,000 write cycles.
Protection of data and
Watchdog timer giving repeat auto resets. Impending power detection and hold off. Keypad security and time out.
Other Options & Accessories
2 Set Points Output through 5A, 230V AC SPCO relays, with a latching option
Communications Port For data transfer or print via :-
20mA loop Enabling up to 254 units to be multi dropped to 1 x RS232 via IF25 interface(s)
RS485 Enabling up to 25 units to be multi dropped
RS232 For 1 to 1 connection and standard printer drive
Printer Operation By front panel function key
Baud Rates 300, 600, 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600 (19200 MANTRABUS only) 9600 for MODBUS
Back Lighting For the LCD display
DIN Rail Mounting For the CPU, PSU and output option modules
DC Powering 9-32V DC
Remote Mounting Display module, for panel mounting
Storage Temperature -20 to +70ºC
Operating Temperature -10 to 50ºC
Relative Humidity 95% maximum non condensing
CE Environmental Approvals European EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC


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Digital temperature and universal input display with high accuracy and stability over a wide temperature range bulkhead mounted.



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Product order options

Please read the following before selecting the options for this product:

The SMP is a PCB with CPU and Analog Outputs 4-20mA/O – 10V which can be either ABS Cased or Din Rail mounted.

Starting with the Base Unit select the SMP you require followed by the options you need to configure the device to meet your needs.

Base Unit Code
Cased PCB optional plug-in inputs, with an LCD,(comprising UAB-LAC-LCD) SMP/C
Din Rail mounted PCB with optional plug-in inputs, separate stainless steel mounted LCD, (comprising UAB-LCD-LCS-D2) SMP/D
Cased PCB. Used in conjunction with high resolution and dual inputs only, (comprising UAB/EX-LAC-LCD) SMP/C/EX
Din Rail mounted PCB. Used in conjunction with high resolution inputs only, (comprising UAB/EX-LCD-LCS-D2) SMP/D/EX
Inputs Code
Temperature: PT100 UAPT
Temperature: Rate/Totaliser UARTL
Dual Channel 4-20mA Input UADIA
Dual Channel 0-10V Input UADIV
Outputs Code
Fast (10mS) Analogue Output 4 to 20mA/ 0 to 10V UAFAO
Comms Code
RS485/232 Communications supports ASCII & MANTRABUS LC3
Relay Code
Relay Output Module 2 Set Points (2 x SPCO 5A 240V AC ) LR1
Power Supplies Code
AC Power Supply 110/120V, or 220/230V AC LS1
DC Power Supply 9-32V DC LS3
Display Code
Display PCB for fitting to LAC, ABS Case LCD LCD
Display PCB as (LCD) above with Backlight LCD/BL
Mounting Enclosure Code
ABS Case prepared for PCB with front label (no PCB fitted) LAC
DIN Rail Mounting Fixture D2
Stainless Steel Case 220 x 120 x 90 mm LSSMW
Extended Mounting Code
Stainless Steel Panel for LCD LCS
Accessories Code
Handheld Programmer for High Res Input Modules LP3

These are the following industries and applications in which this product has been used:

Weighing Indicator and Controller Bulkhead Mounted

Weighing Indicator and Controller Bulkhead Mounted

Q. Is DIN rail mounting optional on the SMP?

A: Yes

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