Details on new resistance acquisition module

During the development of our new acquisition modules the measurement of tiny changes in resistance became key to get accurate readings and sensing small changes. In the creation of the temperature (T24-TA) and potentiometer (T24-RA) acquisition module we created two devices that sense a range of resistances. The T24-TA is designed to work with a PT100 sensor to accurately measure resistances from 20 to 250 Ohms, we provide an output in Ohms as a standard unit. The T24 wireless potentiometer acquisition module (T24-RA) is designed to measure potentiometers inputs between 500 and 100,000 Ohms. The standard wiring of the T24-RA is shown below in figure 1 connected to a potentiometer, figure 2 shows a potential divider circuit, R.ref is static known resistance and R.meas is the resistance under measurement. Using the custom calibration available in the T24-RA users can calibrate the output to whatever units they wish.

T24-RAView the full specifications of the T24-RA on our Mantracourt website.

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    • danlott on January 26, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    That’s very interesting, Ill check the full spec now.

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