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Carrying Out A Wireless Site Survey

Introduction There are two main parts to a site survey. Firstly, a check of local conditions, secondly, a check of performance of the T24 equipment in the local conditions. This technical document is designed to guide you through the process to achieve optimal conditions. Local Conditions The first thing to do is to look around. …

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Keeping our Fingers on the Pulse!

Recently we have been working hard to update the T24 pulse acquisition module. Our purpose with this update was to ease usability with sensors and improve upon the battery life when used as a counter. Our initial brief was to look at the types of sensors that would generate a pulse output. The majority of …

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Why Go Wireless?

There are many good reasons to switch to wireless for your sensor requirements. It almost seems an easier question to ask ‘why not?’ but I’ll start with ‘why?’ The Benefits… The first, most obvious plus for wireless is the lack of wires!  With moving loads, trying to keep the cables neat, tidy and unbroken can …

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Tom’s Tech Tips

The T24 data logging software and data mapping software is now available to download free of charge.  Tom Lilly, Technical Support Operator at Mantracourt, talks us through this intuitive application… The full functionality of T24LOG100 is now available to anyone that wants it at no cost. It means that people can have a proper experiment with an …

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Did You Know About The Handy Battery Life Calculator?

Always keen to provide helpful tools to assist you, our design engineers have produced a clever tool to predict how long the batteries will last in the acquisition module of your T24 wireless telemetry system – the Battery Life Calculator By simply selecting the required module and inputting your chosen variables into the calculator, you will be …

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Highlights of the T24 Logging Software

I have had a lot of enquiries recently asking about our T24LOG100 software and how it can work for them, so thought this a good opportunity to discuss the main aspects of this incredibly smart piece of monitoring technology developed in-house by Matt Nicholas our IT and Software Guru. The latest version of our T24LOG100 …

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Details on new resistance acquisition module


During the development of our new acquisition modules the measurement of tiny changes in resistance became key to get accurate readings and sensing small changes. In the creation of the temperature (T24-TA) and potentiometer (T24-RA) acquisition module we created two devices that sense a range of resistances. The T24-TA is designed to work with a …

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Connecting to T24 Telemetry Modules Without Removing Power – New Feature

How to pair to your T24 telemetry acquisition without removing power

News for our T24 users. An enhanced feature has been added to Mantracourt’s T24 Toolkit to help with pairing if you’re unable to physically reach the T24 module. Previously, configuration could only happen by removing and re-applying power. Now with the new version of T24-Toolkit you can connect and configure your device wirelessly provided you …

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