About Radio Telemetry

The radio telemetry range of products, called T24 after the 2.4GHz frequency of the radio transmission, is a flexible wireless system designed to provide high accuracy measurement data from multiple voltage, current and strain gauge inputs. Any strain bridge, voltage or current output sensor, such as load cells, inclinometers, accelerometers, displacement and pressure can integrate with the T24 Acquisition devices to create wireless strain gauge sensors, wireless temperature monitoring, wireless pressure monitoring and much more.

We’re not going to launch into a sale attack here, but rather start at the very beginning by considering some of the pro’s and con’s of a wireless system. Why should engineers consider installing wireless systems?

Let’s start with the Con’s:

  • Radio communication is highly regulated
  • New and maybe unfamiliar aspects of RF such as antenna positioning and RF interference sources
  • Planning, buying and testing a wireless link may cost more initially
  • Access is usually still required for changing or recharging of batteries

Its fair to say that the above con’s can be balanced out by the pro’s of a wireless system so let’s consider the plus points:

  • Wireless Units are easily re-usable i.e. temporary installation
  • No long and costly wiring lay outs
  • Non contacting for precision or rotating measurements i.e. temp, pressure, RPM, torque
  • Wireless link can cost less than buying and installing a cable
  • Easy to Seal
  • Eliminates Failure due to Cable damage
  • Long Battery Life

Once a decision has been made, there are other considerations to bear in mind:

Range – How far must data travel ? Nominal range “open field range” ACTUAL range depends on environment

Data – What type of data and how fast ?

RF Interference – 2.4 GHz is a busy part of the RF spectrum. Radio Signals can be intercepted & jammed

Installations in proximity must be co-ordinated

So why consider Mantracourt’s T24 range of wireless products? We’ve put together a sales presentation which can be accessed here. We also have a list of Frequently Asked Questions which we are regularly asked by engineers which can be viewed here.

Our website shows the different module options available and our sales engineers are on hand to offer specific application advise and suitability of the system to your requirements. Contact us for further help or information.