Category: Digital Strain Gauges

Introduction to Digital Devices

INTRODUCTION We are well aware that when customers begin to use digital conditioners that they start on a journey of learning a new language. There are many advantages to using digital solutions, but there is a lot to learn, and the prospect of spending time learning to use a new technology can rule out these …

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New Software for USB Strain Gauge/Load Cell DSCUSB

We’ve made some small changes to the software of our DSCUSB strain gauge to USB converter in response to a suggestion from one of our Partners in the USA. Before, interested users could only view one static page of the software if the device wasn’t connected. This hid away all the helpful functions of the …

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Digital Strain Gauge Conditioner (DSC) Identification Software Upgrade

The Identification Utility software for Mantracourt’s Digital Strain Gauge Converter has undergone improvements and now offers a faster and more robust utility for DSC and DCell users. Version 1.4 of the application will detect a DCell or DSC connected to a PC when the station number or the baudrate is unknown or has been inadvertently changed. …

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