New Upgrade for T24 24 Channel Logging Software

Introducing Version 2.0.3 of the T24 logging software which has been developed and upgraded with complex mathematical functions and expression tools. 

This software works in Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and allows the viewing and logging of data from the T24 wireless telemetry range.

Matt Nicholas, IT & Software Engineer at Mantracourt explains more.

Whats New:

The software now lets you define what is viewed in up to 24 simulated LCD displays by entering a mathematical expression. You can now sum multiple channels, perform mathematical functions and reference other displays.


In versions previous to 2.0.0 one could only write a single Data Tag or, using a special function, write multiple Data Tags separated by the + sign to sum multiple Data Tag values.

Each displayed channel now supports an expression. This expression can contain references to Data Tag values, other displayed channel values and mathematical functions.

To reference a Data Tag value (That is the value delivered by a T24 module that is identified by its Data Tag) you enter the Data Tag in hexadecimal inside triangular brackets. So to refer to the data from a module with a Data Tag of FE12 you would use <FE12> in the expression.

To reference the displayed value from another channel you enter the channel number inside triangular brackets. So to refer to the value displayed in channel 1 you would use <1> in the expression.

Each displayed channel can reference any number of Data Tag values, displayed channels or fixed numbers and you can perform mathematical functions ranging from the simple to the complex.

Mathematical Operators and Functions:

<nnnn> A Data Tag must be 4 digits hexadecimal. Example <FE12>

<n> Another displayed value. Example <1>

+ Addition. Example number+number

– Subtraction. Example number-number

* Multiplication. Example number*number

/ Division. Example number/number

\ Integer division. Example number\number

^Raise to the power. Example number^number

Mod Modulus. Example MOD(number)

SQR Square root. Example SQR(number)

SIN Sine radians. Example SIN(number)

COS Cosine radians. Example COS(number)

TAN Tangent radians. Example TAN(number)

ABS Absolute. Example ABS(number)

ATN Arctangent radians. Example ATN(number)

EXP e (the base of natural logarithms) raised to a power. Example EXP(number)

FIX Returns the integer portion of a number. Example FIX(number)

INT Returns the integer value with rounding. Example INT(number)

LOG Returns the natural logarithm of a number. Example LOG(number)

PI PI=3.1415926536

() Brackets can be used to set evaluation order. Example ((<FE12> + 100)/ 20) + <FE34>

Working Examples:

To sum multiple T24 channels simple reference the required data tags and use the addition sign. <FE12>+<FE23>+<FE45>

You can use any numeric value to convert engineering units etc. For example, if you had a weight in kg and you wanted to display it in lbs you would use <FE12> * 2.20462262185

Sum of the values displayed in channels 1 to 3. <1> + <2> + <3>

The difference between two T24 channels. This shows the absolute value. ABS(<FE12> – <FE34>)

For further information on the T24 Logging Software visit our website or download the new version.