The Sky’s the Limit – Highlights from the Past Four Decades at Mantracourt Electronics

2014 marks the 40th anniversary for Mantracourt Electronics and throughout this year we will be delving into the archives to share with you some of the highlights from the past four decades.

From our humble beginnings, which started life in a garden shed to the 3,600 sq ft manufacturing facilities we now occupy, we have supplied measurement instrumentation to some very well known and innovative projects.

One such project came along in 1985 and involved NASA’s Space Shuttle Programme.  A temperature and humidity monitor supplied to Solomat, another East Devon company at the time, was supplied to Honeywell and used in a satellite which was carried by the space shuttle.

The story is captured in the article below and tells the tale of our beginnings and of the project.

“Into Space from East Devon” – Wednesday, 31 July, 1985 (Source: Express & Echo)

We hope to post some more articles and photos from our archives during this anniversary year to entertain and inspire! Follow us on FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.