Wireless Telemetry Relay Module for Mains Power Switching

Capable of main power switchingT24-RM1 Wireless Telemetry Relay module offers dual 5 amp relays capable of mains power switching. These relays can be configured as high, low or window alarms to one or a sum of up to 8 x radio telemetry T24 devices. The relays can be latched and a volt free input or external command can be used to reset them. An alarm signal relay is also on board and operates if communications are lost with input devices or other selectable errors occur. This alarm relay can be silenced by a volt free input.

The T24-RM1 has many application possibilities when used as part of a system with other T24 devices from Mantracourt’s wireless telemetry range. The relay could be used to switch on a claxon siren, flashing beacon, control valve or motor.

An example case might be in the use of a crane load system where a single load cell with a wireless telemetry T24-SA Strain Acquisition Module embedded within the load cell transmits back to the T24-RM1 to warn of an approaching overload – the T24-RM1 switches a relay to sound a siren. Similarly, a warning system for a silo could be configured using 4 x wireless load cells that the T24-RM1 sums and compares to a value, which in turn switches and sounds an alarm.

The T24-RM1 could also be used for simple batch weighing systems. The weight of a vessel could be monitored using wireless load cells containing a T24-SA strain gauge to telemetry converter. When the vessels weight is under a specific value, a feeder valve should be open. Once the load in the vessel goes beyond the user limit the valve is shut and the batch is weighed.

The T24-RM1 benefits from having two relays which, if wired together appropriately, can be used to provide a windowed alarm system where the sum of up to 8 x devices can be used to sound an alarm if the total goes above or below user defined limits.

The applications for the wireless relay module are broad and multiple relays can be used to build up many controls systems. With open field wireless range of up to 200m, the T24 wireless telemetry range offers an alternative to wired systems.