Handheld Strain Gauge Indicator with RS232 Interface

Mantracourt’s PSD portable strain display or load cell indicator has been used for many years by companies worldwide as a simple wired solution for monitoring the output from load cells.

A lesser known relative is the PSD RS232 version which enables the handheld indicator to connect to any RS232 interface whether it’s a PC or simple data logger.Recording data from a load cell to RS232 via the PSD Handheld Strain Gauge Indicator

The PSD232 sends the displayed value to the RS232 port at 9600 baud in an ASCII format, terminated by a carriage return and line-feed making it suitable for stand alone data loggers, larger serial displays as well as interfacing onto a PC for logging which can provide a useful record during a calibration or load cell test.

The RS232 output is provided at the same time that the display is updated which depends on how the PSD has been set up by users. Updates rate of up 10Hz can be set.

For more information, view the specification of the PSD232 strain gauge display.