DSCUSB - Load Cell & Strain Gauge to USB Converter

The DSCUSB USB strain gauge converter is a compact, high performance strain gauge digital signal conditioner with a USB output.


DSCUSB Strain Gauge to USB Converter

Q: How do I communicate with the USB device?

A: Using a simple ‘Virtual Com Port’, the DSCUSB communicates as if the device is connected to a serial port. The device addressing allows multiple devices.

Q: Is temperature sensing available on the DSCUSB?

A: An optional temperature sensor module (DTEMP) is available which will enable an advanced 5-point temperature-compensation of measurements.

Q: Is there Linearity compensation in the DSCUSB?

A: Advanced 7-point linearity compensation available as standard.

Q: Is there adjustable sensitivity?

A: The DSCUSB is supplied pre-configured for standard 2.5mV/V full-scale strain gauges. A single additional resistor re-configures the input between 0.5 and 100 mV/V full-scale.

Q: How stable is the DSCUSB device?

A: 10ppm/°C basic accuracy (equates to 16 bit resolution).

Q: What is the DSCUSB calibration process?

A: Completely drift-free, adjustable in-system and/or in-situ via standard communications link. Two independent calibration stages for load cell and system-specific adjustments. Programmable compensation for non-linearity and temperature corrections. Calibration data is transferable between devices for in-service replacement.

Q: Are there self-diagnostics capabilities?

A: Continuous monitoring on the DSCUSB for faults such as strain overload, over/under-temperature, broken sensors or power failure. All fault warnings are retained on power-fail.

Q:What are the output options of the DSCUSB?

A: We currenly only offer the device in ASCII protocol.

Q: Tell me about DSCUSB low current

A: Functions as a ‘Low Power Device’ i.e. draws less than 100mA (one unit load) when connected to a 350 Ohm Bridge.

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