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ALA5 ATEX Certified 4-20 mA Load Cell Amplifier
B24-SSB Bluetooth Strain Transmitter
DCell Digital Load Cell Converter
DS485DIS DSC 485 Display
DSC Digital Load Cell Converter
DSCUSB Strain Gauge to USB Converter
DSCUSB-PT Digital Sensor Card USB – Potentiometer Input
DSJ1 Mount Board for a Single Digital Load Cell Converter
DSJ4 Mount Board for 4 x Digital Load Cell Converters
EVAL KIT Evaluation Kits for DCell & DSC
FSU-SSB Fast USB Strain Module
ICA H & S Miniature Strain Gauge Amplifier, Converts Load Cell to 4-20mA & 0-10V
ICA5ATEX ATEX Certificated Miniature Load Cell Amplifier
ILA In-line Strain Gauge or Load Cell Analogue Amplifier
ILE In-Line Housing for Load Cell Amplifiers and Digital Converters
JBA Active Summing Load Cell Junction Box
LCA20 Load Cell Amplifier with Relays Data Port & Display for Weighing
LCB20 OEM Load Cell Amplifier and Digitiser PCB
LCD20 Load Cell DIN Rail Signal Amplifier
LCI Load Cell Junction Box & Fault Monitoring Alarm
PP1 & SP1 Power Pack 1 & Solar Panel 1
PSD232 Strain Gauge or Load Cell Handheld Display with RS232 Data Port
PSDS-HSBK Portable Sensor Display Strain Bridge Input
SGA A&D Strain Gauge Signal Conditioning for Load Cells
SGABCM Bridge Completion Module for the SGA
SS-GT24-A SensorSpace
T24-ACM Wireless Sensor Transmitter IP67 Enclosure
T24-ACMi Wireless Sensor Transmitter Enclosure
T24-ACMm Wireless Sensor Transmitter IP50 Enclosure
T24-ANTA, T24-ANTB, T24-ANTC, T24-ANTD, T24-ANTE Telemetry Antenna Options
T24-AO1 Wireless Receiver with Analogue Output
T24-AR Wireless Range Extender
T24-BC1 Telemetry Charger Module for use with T24
T24-BSd Wireless Telemetry Dongle Base Station
T24-BSi Wireless Telemetry Radio Base Station
T24-BSu Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station
T24-BSue Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station Extended Range
T24-GW1 Wireless Telemetry Modbus Gateway
T24-HA Wireless Portable Display Receiver
T24-HR Wireless Portable Display Receiver for Unlimited Inputs
T24-HS Wireless Portable Display Receiver for Single Wireless Transmitters
T24-IA OEM Wireless Current Sensor Transmitter
T24-LD1 Wireless Telemetry Large LED Display
T24-LT1 & T24-HLT OEM Wireless Line Tensiometer System
T24-PA OEM Wireless Sensor Pulse Transmitter
T24-PR1 Wireless Telemetry Printer
T24-RA Potentiometer to wireless telemetry converter
T24-RM1 Wireless Receiver with Relay Output
T24-SA OEM Wireless Strain Gauge Sensor Transmitter
T24-SAf OEM Wireless 2 KHz Bridge Sensor Transmitter
T24-SO Wireless Receiver with Data Port for Display or Printer
T24-TA OEM Wireless Temperature Sensor Transmitter
T24-VA OEM Wireless Voltage Sensor Transmitter
T24-WSS Wireless Wind Speed Transmitter (Anemometer)
T24-WSS and T24-DWS Wireless Wind Speed Sensor System
X24-ACMi-SA ATEX / IECEx Telemetry Strain Transmitter Module
X24-HD ATEX / IECEx Handheld Telemetry Display
X24-SAe ATEX / IECEx Telemetry Strain Transmitter OEM Module
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