OEM Wireless 2 KHz Bridge Sensor Transmitter (T24-SAf)

This wireless interface provides a high performance measurement system for strain gauge, pressure, load cell, linear di
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Simple Pairing and Calibration
Overview of T24LOG100 Viewing & Mapping Software
Part 2 – Tutorial – Basic Setup of T24LOG100

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Miniature OEM strain gauge acquisition board next to an AA battery for scale. Enclosure options for the wireless strain sensor, the miniature size allows for the option of embedding within sensor housing
  • Wireless transmitter module for bridge based sensor measurements such as load cells
  • Ultra fast update rate of 2,000 per second
  • Miniature PCB for fitting inside sensors
  • Low power mode
  • Remote power 'on' and 'off'
  • Transmits on licence free 2.4 GHz
  • Simple wireless configuration and calibration
  • Antenna options giving up to 800 m (2,600 ft) range
  • Choice of enclosures T24-ACM, T24-ACMi, T24-ACMm (see thumbnail image on left & 'Related Products' below

This OEM wireless 2 KHz strain gauge sensor transmitter provides high speed measurement of strain gauge, pressure, linear displacement and other bridge based sensors including loadcells.  The small module size allows for the option of embedding it within the sensor housing.

Click here to view & download associated free software.

Low power modes allow the module to ‘power off’ completely and can be controlled by other T24 products such as the handheld displays or a base station. 

The high speed electronics deliver low drift results which are transmitted at a rate of 2,000 readings per second to other T24 devices such as analog outputs and base stations etc.

Although this module can be used ‘as is’ for OEM solutions there are a number of enclosure options available. See ‘Related Products’ tab.

Integral antenna option offers up to 600 m (1969 ft) range and external antenna options allows up to 800 m (2600 ft) range in an open field site. The T24-SAf is configured using free T24 Toolkit software which runs on a PC connected to a T24 base station. 

The licence free 2.4 GHz direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS) radio technology offers high integrity, error free communications which can co-exist with other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® and Zigbee®. FCC, ETSI and IC approvals.
To view a selection of suitable antennas click here. This pcb is also available in a selection of IP rated enclosures to provide housing and powering. See T24-ACM-SAf, T24-ACMi-SAf and T24-ACMm-SAf

See the battery life of your wireless sensing system using the Battery Life Calculator.

 Module transmits and Receives giving:

1. Full error detection and correction
2. Configuration via radio telemetry
3. Ability to be switched from sleep to operating mode via radio
4. nV/V Calibration stored within the module
5. Remote battery check


*Maximum range achieved in open field site with the T24 acquisition module at a height of 3 metres (9.8 feet) above ground and T24-HS held at chest height pointing towards the acquisition module. Specification at 3V supply at 25°C




Fast miniature radio telemetry acquisition




  • T24 Toolkit : This toolkit allows configuration, calibration and testing of the T24 range of 2.4GHz telemetry products.
  • T24 Quick View : Version 2.2.0 This product allows you to view and log data from the T24 range of 2.4GHz telemetry acquisition modules. Only works with T24-BSu USB base station. What Does It Do
  • 100 Channel Logging & Visualisation Software (T24LOG100) : For use with up to 100 channels using T24 range of sensor transmitters, view, log and browse data on demand, set visual and audible alarms. Graphics and mapping capabilities. Customised branding available. Allows remote viewing via webserver.

Product order options

T24-SAfi Code
Fast Strain Transmitter with Integral Antenna T24-SAfi
T24-SAfe Code
Fast Strain Transmitter with fitting for External Antenna T24-SAfe

These are the following industries and applications in which this product has been used:

Wireless Telemetry Radio Base Station

Wireless Telemetry Radio Base Station

Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station

Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station

Wireless Portable Display Receiver for Single Wireless Transmitters

Wireless Portable Display Receiver for Single Wireless Transmitters

Wireless Receiver with Analogue Output

Wireless Receiver with Analogue Output

Q: What are the sampling rates of the transmitter modules?

A: The T24 standard transmitter modules (SA, IA, VA, RA, TA, PA) sample from 0-200 updates/sec. The T24-SA fast transmitter modules are fixed at 2,000 updates/sec.

Q: What is the resolution of the transmitter modules?

A: The noise free resolution for a sample time of 10 milli-seconds or less is 15.5 bits for the T24 SA, 12.5 bits for the T24-VA, 14 bits for the VA and 12.25 bits for the T24IA.

The T24-PA’s accuracy % input error @ 1 Hz is 0.15% and for the T24 RA the accuracy is 0.01% of the full scale.

With increased sample times resolution can be increased up to 18.75 bits for the T24-SA.

Q: What is the supply voltage for the transmitter modules?

A: 3V for the transmitter modules and handheld displays. Other modules in the range take 9-36 V.

Q: What is the difference between the T24-SA and T24-SAf?

A: The standard transmitter modules are capable of providing data up to 200 sps. The ‘fast’ T24-SAf provides data at a fixed 2,000 sps.

Q: What is the difference between the "i" and "e" versions of the transmitter units?

A: The ‘i’ modules all feature an on-chip integrated antenna. The ‘e’ modules are fitted with a miniature UFL connector which can be used with any of the antenna options available; the T24-ANTA (PCB antenna) or T24-ANTB (fixed 90 degree Whip antenna) or T24-ANTC (flexible whip antenna) or T24-ANTD ('puck' antenna fitted with a 0.6m cable and RPSMA connector and supplied with a 100 mm RPSMA to UFL adaptor cable) or T24-ANTE ('puck' antenna fitted with a 100 mm cable and UFL connector).

Q: How is the strain gauge transmitter module calibrated?

A: The modules are factory calibrated to 2.5 mV/V which can be custom calibrated and linearised over up to 9 points by using the T24 Toolkit. The T24-SAf has fixed factory calibration and cannot be linearised.

Q: How are the modules powered?

A: The ACMm is the smallest module and has a separate battery pack (T24-BB1 using 2 x AAA). The T24-ACMi is the mid size module and provides power via 2 x AA internal batteries. The T24-ACM although larger can provide power from an external power supply (5-18V) as well as 2 x D cell internal batteries which provide a higher battery capacity allowing for longer battery life.

Find out the battery life of your system using our Battery Calculator.

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