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Mantracourt devices are used in many different industries and applications and we are proud to be associated with the organizations which use our products. Here are just a few.

What our Customers Say...

"We “stumbled” upon Mantracourt when we were searching for a supplier of load cell amplifiers for a precision testing machine.  Our customer fast-tracked a control system upgrade that required 150 load cell amplifiers on a very short schedule.  Mantracourt increased their production to meet our tight schedule and worked out the shipping details to our U.S. address.  The quality was excellent and the pricing was extremely competitive.  The LCD20 was very easy to install on DIN rails and calibration was simple and swift.  We utilized their software to commission, calibrate and store the calibration profile of each LCD20 transmitter.  The software installed without issues and was easy to use.  We are delighted with the product, price and performance.  Based on our experience, we highly recommend Mantracourt!"

Mark Robinson, Project Manager, Corsair Controls Inc.




“We worked closely with the engineers at Mantracourt to create a wireless solution to suit our exact requirements.  Their superior expertise and highly responsive technical support provided invaluable in producing our end solution”. 

Nick Turicek, Account Relations Manager, Inora


"With today's high expectations, Mantracourt’s product technology is always my first choice for providing top quality and versatility. There’s always an excellent choice available when looking to provide clients with regular and unique solutions to application requirements. The T24 technology never ceases to impress with its choice of range, and is fundamental in Power Jacks' offering high tech, reliable equipment, in an ever demanding market."
Richard Legge, Technical Manager, Power Jacks


"We have been using Mantracourt products for several years, incorporating them with our offerings to give our customers reliable, hassle free equipment. We have found their products to be superior in workmanship and the technical support we get is top notch. Thank you for such great service."
Joe Hance, Load Cell Central


“We’ve found the Mantracourt equipment to be very robust and effective and the engineering team behind it very helpful and supportive.”
Tony Gould, Technical Director, Groundforce


“We really appreciated Mantracourt’s support on this project, your engineers were highly responsive to the issues we faced and committed to helping at all times. It made all the difference in solving the problems we faced and I’m sure contributed to their product development also.”
Carrick Hill, Southern Spars


"Fantastic customer service and quick shipping.  One of the best customer support services we have seen in a long while.  We are also very pleased with the T24LOG100 functionality, updates, specialized software branding and advanced features.  Our customers find the software easy to use, fully functional and being laptop based makes it all easy". 
Larry Jackson, Jackson Scales


"I must congratulate your team on a brilliant product. Looks most excellent!"
Alan F. Kicks, PTC Electronics, Inc.

"We value our association with Mantracourt and our enquiries and issues have always been handled promptly by all your personnel."
Donald Carbone, D & R Controls


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