Active Summing Load Cell Junction Box (JBA)

Active Summing Load Cell Junction Box (JBA)
Active Summing Load Cell Junction Box (JBA) Active Summing Load Cell Junction Box in DIN rail mounted casing (D3)
  • Active summing load cell junction box sums the outputs from up to 4 x 350 -1,000 O hm strain gauge load cells
  • Individual gain adjustment provided for each channel
  • No interaction between offset and gain
  • No interaction between channels during calibration
  • Simplifies installation of multi-cell platforms, silos, tanks and hopper weighing systems
  • Wide input range - from 0.5 to 20 mV/V
  • Waterproof to IP656 NEMA4
  • Supplied pre-mounted in bulkhead housing (JBA as shown in main photo above), DIN rail mounted (D3) or PCB (JPA) version (shown in photos on left) 

This active summing load cell junction box JBA is an active summing junction box for up to four load cells.

The JBA has an active summing junction circuit that accepts inputs from any strain gauge based sensor (load cell, force sensors, pressure sensor, torque sensor) and applies individual gain adjustment before combining them to provide a calibrated and summed output.

For a simple summing circuit with no trimming and no corner compensation, use the passive load cell junction board, model JPP and for fault monitoring and fault detection alarm features, use the , LCI load cell junction box with fault monitoring alarm.

Powering from 10V nomial excitation
Maximum current  20mA 
Connection  6 wire from instrument to JBA. 4 wire from JBA to each Strain Gauge 
Gain setting per channel  Variable from 0.2 to 1.0 by use of switch and potentiometer, see JBA Product Sheet 
Each Strain Gauge is added, therefore the output is the summeration of all the Strain Gauges connected, eg: 4 x 2mV/V Strain Gauges will give an output of 8mV/V when set to x 1 20mV/V (nominally 200mV)
Maximum input voltage 90 day accuracy stability ±0.06% gain
Effect of temperature  ±0.02% per degree C typical at 2.5mV/V
Field terminals  35 degree screw operated cage clamp type 
Maximum cable  size 2.5mm square 
CE Environmental Approvals European EMC Directive 2004/108/EC, Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC 


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Product order options

The model JBA is supplied pre-mounted in a IP65 NEMA4 ABS housing but is also available as a PCB module JPA.

For alternative housings, select model JPA and then select the desired housing from the list below.

Options Code
Junction Box Active JBA
Junction Box PCB (only) Active JPA
Mounting Enclosure Code
IP65 Rated Case and DIN Rail Mounting for DSJ4, LCA, UAB, JBA, SMW D3
Accessories Code
ABS IP65 Case with Plain ABS Lid 200 x 120 x 75mm LAB
Stainless Steel IP65 Case with Stainless Steel Lid 220 x 160 x 90 mm LSS
Die Cast IP65 Case with Die Cast Lid 220 x 120 x 80mm LDC
Weighing Indicator with Analogue Data & Relay Outputs

Weighing Indicator with Analogue Data & Relay Outputs

Weighing Indicator and Controller Bulkhead Mounted

Weighing Indicator and Controller Bulkhead Mounted

Q: What is the maximum current for the JBA?

A: 20 mA

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