Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station Extended Range (T24-BSue)

Wireless telemetry USB radio base station required for the configuration of all T24 acquisition modules
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Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station Extended Range (T24-BSue) A complete collection of T24 Wireless base station options
  • Configures any T24 telemetry module via USB
  • Provides a USB gateway to a PC to laptop for logging data
  • Powered from USB
  • Up to 800 m (2,600 ft) range
  • IP67 enclosure 
  • Photo to left showing three available enclosures, including the desktop version
  • Cable length of 1.4 m 
  • View product sheet

The wireless telemetry USB base station extended range T24-BSue offers line of sight range of up to 800 m for all T24 transmitter modules. The T24-BSue draws power from the USB bus and therefore no further components are required to configure and control remote devices from a PC.  

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The wireless telemetry USB base station extended range T24-BSue is supported by not only the T24 Toolkit but also with a .DLL (Dynamic Link Library) allowing customers using VB (Visual Basic) to develop their own custom software for their applications.

 *Maximum range achieved in open field site at height of 3 metres (9.8 feet) above ground.




Dimensions for the USB base station IP65 NEMA4 case 




  • T24 Toolkit : This toolkit allows configuration, calibration and testing of the T24 range of 2.4GHz telemetry products.
  • 100 Channel Logging & Visualisation Software (T24LOG100) : For use with up to 100 channels using T24 range of sensor transmitters, view, log and browse data on demand, set visual and audible alarms. Graphics and mapping capabilities. Customised branding available. Allows remote viewing via webserver.

Product order options

T24-BSue Code
Extended Range Base Station USB T24-BSue

These are the following industries and applications in which this product has been used:

Wireless Telemetry Radio Base Station

Wireless Telemetry Radio Base Station

Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station

Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station

Wireless Telemetry Modbus Gateway

Wireless Telemetry Modbus Gateway

Q: What is the difference between the T24-BSue and the T24-BSu?

A: The BSue has a longer wireless telemetry range of 800 m (2,600 ft), which is provided by the ANT A antenna, compared to the BSu which has a 400 m range and an integral antenna. The BSue is housed in a IP67 compact enclosure (the BSu is IP50).

Q: What is the difference between the T24-BSue and the T24-BSi?

A: The BSue is housed in a smaller casing unit. The BSi provides not only USB interface but also RS232 and RS485 multiple baud rates.  This module can also be DIN rail mounted.

Q: Is the T24-BSue a stock item?

A: Yes

Q: What is the function of the USB and the industrial T24 base stations?

A: Both provide users with a PC interface by which collect data from any transmitter module with in range and configure all devices in the T24 range.

Q: Once a transmitter module has been configured, will it require regular connections to the base station?

A: No. Once a transmitter module has been configured it will remain stable for its lifetime providing its operating limits are not exceeded.

Q. What is the cable length of the T24-BSue and can this be extended?

A. The USB cable length on the T24-BSUe is 1.4m. The base station is considered a USB 2.0 device so is a full speed device. Should a user wish to extend the length of USB cable on the T24-BSUe, the maximum limit advised is in total 5m. We would advise only a good quality USB extender be used measuring 3.5m maximum.

Mantracourt do not recommend replacing the wired USB cable with a longer one. This would invalidate the warranty offered on the product.

An alternative, should it be possible, would be using the RS485 interface on the T24-BSi which would go up to 1000m.

The T24-BSi also has USB, RS232 and RS485 interface but the same USB conditions would apply.

Q. Can I connect multiple base stations to one PC?

A. You can only have one T24-BSu or T24-BSue connected to any one PC.There are more complex setups possible with the T24-BSi. You will need to download the appropriate DLL driver file to enable this to happen. 

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