ATEX / IECEx Handheld Telemetry Display (X24-HD)

X24-HD ATEX / IECEx handheld display
X24 ATEX /IECEx Product Range X24 ATEX /IECEx Product Range
  • Approved for use in explosive atmospheres Zone 1, Zone 2
  • Covers multiple usage scenarios
  • Use with single or multiple transmitters
  • Long battery life: 50 days at 12 sessions of 5 minutes per day; 54 hours continuous
  • Audible warnings and feedback
  • User controlled backlight
  • 800m (½ mile) range
  • Compatible with cased X24 transmitter, OEM module X24-SAe and T24 transmitters
  • Indication of remote errors
  • Overload indication and alarm
  • Uses readily available Energizer L91 batteries
  • Sealed to IP67 in a robust handheld enclosure
  • Simple operator interface
  • Assign names to transmitters
  • Independent transmitter scaling (Unit conversion)
  • Tare/Zero/Gross functions
  • Operating temperature range of -10°C to +50°C
  • 152 mm X 90 mm X 34 mm

The X24-HD is a highly configurable ATEX / IECEx handheld display capable of working with X24 or T24 Transmitter modules. This allows wireless remote viewing of various remote inputs such as strain gauge or voltage etc. using 2.4 GHz radio.

The remote transmitter module measures its input value (strain gauge, voltage, current etc.) and periodically transmits it.

The X24-HD captures this data and displays it. The handheld can operate by displaying data from any transmitter detected or you can define up to 24 specific transmitters to allow the operator to cycle through.

Grouping functions allows up to 8 group totals to be viewable. Each group or individual transmitter has user defined name, scaling, display format, zero functions and overload settings.

Height of displayed digits: 0.9 mm



  • T24 Toolkit : This toolkit allows configuration, calibration and testing of the T24 range of 2.4GHz telemetry products.
  • 100 Channel Logging & Visualisation Software (T24LOG100) : For use with up to 100 channels using T24 range of sensor transmitters, view, log and browse data on demand, set visual and audible alarms. Graphics and mapping capabilities. Customised branding available. Allows remote viewing via webserver.

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X24 Code
ATEX / IECEx Handheld Telemetry Display X24-HD
Q. What is the battery life of the X24 range?

A. Battery life is comparable with the T24 range and the battery calculator found here will give an idea of what to expect.

Q. What are the different ATEX zones?

A. Zone 0 - Permanently or frequently hazardous over long periods.

Zone 1 - Occasionally hazardous.

Zone 2 - Rarely or temporarily hazardous

Safe Zone - No hazard

Q. Can I use any AA batteries in the X24 devices?

A. No! The devices are all ATEX certified only with Energiser L91 lithium AA batteries. Fortunately these are readily available around the world.

If you are using the OEM board, refer to the manual for power supply requirements.

Q. Can I change the batteries in Zone 1 or Zone 2?

A. No! The device needs to be moved to the safe zone before changing batteries.

Q. The X24-HD looks complicated - is there a simpler option?

A. Its only as complicated as you make it. Out of the box you just need to select the group key and radio channel to receive all X24/T24 transmitters in that group.

Q. What sound level does the buzzer emit?

A. The buzzer used for overload indication and keypad feedback has an output level of 45 dBA.

Q. Is logging function available on the handheld?

A. Currently the X24 has no logging feature

Q. Do you need a QAR/QAN if wiring the X24-ACMi-SA cased transmitter to a suitably approved ATEX/IECEx sensor?

A. No, providing the instructions in the manual are followed and the ‘specific conditions of use’ (ATEX) or the ‘conditions of certification’ (IECEx) are adhered to.

Q. Are the same batteries needed for the X24-SAe if battery powering?

A. Providing the batteries have the required component approval then the choice of batteries need not be limited to the Energizer L91 Lithium Batteries

Q. Are there any limitations on resistance of the bridge?

A. The resistance of the strain gauge can be between 85 and 5000 ohms.

Q. Is the Strain gauge input suitable for both tension and compression load cells?

A. The strain gauge measurement is bi-directional ranging from -3.2mV/V to +3.2mV/V making it suitable for tension and compression load cells.

Q. Is it possible to setup the transmitter inside the EX area?

A. No, you would need to take the equipment out of the EX area to set it up or change the batteries.

Q. Is the X24-SAe available only with an ANT-A?

A. That is correct, the T24-Sae is permanently connected to the ANT-A antenna. The cable has a fixed cable length of 45 mm

Q. Will the X24-ACMi work with a special battery pack?

A. It is only certified to be used with internal AA Energizer L91 batteries.

Q. Is the system capable of handling a 4 load cell weighing system or only one load cell?

A. The resistance of the strain gauge can be between 85 and 5000 ohms. The X24-SAe can support up to four 350 ohm strain gauges bridges attached in parallel (At the expense of reduced battery life).

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