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LCD20 Load Cell DIN Rail Signal Amplifier with Relays

Q: Can the LCD20 perform the same functions as the LCA20?

A: The LCD20 has most of LCA20's functionality. However, there are a few exceptions. The differences are as follows:

  • The LCD20 does not have an on board display option

  • The LCD20 has two configurable digital inputs

  • ‚ÄčThe LCD20 is rated as IP20

  • The LCD20 runs on a DC power supply
  • The LCD20 does not have the on board RS485/RS232 communication outputs (this is the LC4 module on the LCA20)
Q: How do you configure the LCD20?

A: This can be done either using the PGM1 cable and Toolkit or the remote handheld programmer (LP2)

Q: Is the LCD20 toolkit similar to the toolkit used for the LCA20?

A: Yes, the navigation of the two is identical and the same user-friendly graphical interface is still in place. The software is still free of charge and can be downloaded from the Mantracourt Website.

The differences in the two toolkits are only as a result of the difference in the functionality between the products.

Q: Can the LCD20 provide readings in tension and compression?

A: Yes

Q: How can I connect to a LCD20 without knowing the baudrate and station number?

A: Behind the front panel is a small red button, if you press connect in the LCD Toolkit and press the red button it will auto connect to the module.

Q: Can you tell if the calibration has been changed on the LCD20?

A: Yes, in the calibration menu you can view the last calibration date and calibration counter.

LCA20 Load Cell Amplifier with Relay and Data Output

Q: Can I use fast analog output with peak hold on LCA15F?

A: No

Q: What Protocols are available with the LCA20?

A: There are 4 Protocols
CP=128 = Mantrabus 1 a hex based protocol. Most popular, easiest to deal with from programming point of view.
CP=131 = Mantrabus 2 updated version of Mantrabus1
CP=133 = Mantra ASCII 2 based protocol designed for old teletype machines, looks easier but actually more complicated to programme.
CP = 132 Modbus RTU used a lot in PLCs. 3rd Party S/W available. Hex based.
Or alternatively set CP=127 and the device will transmit an ASCII string every display update (used for continuous printout to either printer or display.

Q: Does stainless steel case for LCA20 have stainless steel glands?

A: No plastic PG9 glands.

Q: Does the 4-20 mA output on an LCA20 have galvanic separation?

A: No but it does have electrical isolation up to ±130V RMS 

Q: How do you view the live reading on the LCA20 without Auto Tare and having to calibrate again?

Go to the 'measurement' section in the LCA Toolkit.
Note the reading in the 'Tare' value box and then change the value to zero. Click on the 'Tare' button and the unit will display live reading.

Alternatively, using the keypad:
Go into the menu and pick AT Mnemonic.
Note the reading down and then set to zero.
Press return and then the unit will display live reading.
To reset Auto Tare re enter value in AT Mnemonic screen which you noted down.

Q: What is the maximum length of cable we could connect between a LCA20 unit and a load cell unit?

A: It would depend on many different factors:
The quality of the cable
The type of cable
Whether it was 4 or 6 core
The number of load cells
With the best quality of cable in an ideal environment and with little or no interference we have had operating at 200 metres.

Q: LCA20 / SMW can they handle tension and compression?

A: Yes

Q: How do I factory reset a ADP / ADW / LCA20 / SMW?

A: Hold down the Scroll and reset key and then power cycle the unit.

Q: Is it possible to connect two LCA20s to one load cell?

How would the scaling of each remain stable in the event of a failure of one or the other ?
Can the output of the load cell be connected to both LCAs? With perhaps a resistor network holding the input of the second to a reference ?

A: This is done using 6 wire, with the second LCA20 as 5 wire (no "+" excitation).
You could have two 6 wire with two blocking diodes (for redundancy).
Or a separate power supply and two 5 wires. 

SMP Digital Indicator

Q. Is DIN rail mounting optional on the SMP?

A: Yes

Q. Is DIN rail mounting optional on the SMP?

A: Yes

SMW Weight Indicator and Controller Bulkhead Mounted

Q: How do I factory reset a ADP / ADW / LCA20 / SMW?

A: Hold down the Scroll and reset key and then power cycle the unit.

Q: LCA20 / SMW can they handle tension and compression?

A: Yes

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