SGA - Analogue Strain Gauge Amplifiers & LVDT's

Strain gauge amplifiers are high performing signal conditioners for use with single or multiple strain gauge bridge sensors such as load, pressure and torque sensors with configurable analogue outputs. Also LVDT amplifiers with configurable analogue outputs.


SGA Strain Gauge Amplifier | Signal Conditioner

Q: Can the SGA be mounted on a DIN Rail?

A: Yes, the SGA can be mounted on a DIN Rail using a D4 base plate listed as an optional accessory for your SGA.

Q: Does the SGA have shunt calibration?

A: The SGA has an onboard shunt calibration function. This shunts one arm of the connected load cell to produce a known change in the output which can be used for calibration or checking load cell integrity (or associated wiring).

SGABCM Bridge Completion Module for the SGA

Q: What is the SGABCM module?

A: The SGABCM is a retro-fit PCB which facilitates connecting a half or quarter-bridge strain gauge to the SGA load cell conditioner.  

Q: Will the SGABCM work with both A (AC) & D (DC) versions?

A: Yes

LVDT LVDT Signal Conditioner and Amplifier

Q: Does the SGA / LVDT lose its calibration if you switch it from 4-20 mA to 0-10 V?

A: Yes 

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