Opera House Relocation

Moving the location of an entire structure calls for professionals.Compression load cells integrated with strain gauge digitsers are used to jack up a building to monitor the weights across multiple points when relocating a large construction to ensure reduced stress on the structure.

The Problem:

When an opera building in Tokyo had to be moved three miles from its original setting, those responsible for the move had to ensure the building did not undergo any extreme stress which would compromise the building's structure.

The Solution:

Compression load cells integrated with Digital Strain Gauge DCells were used by civil engineers to jack up the building. Each jack had to be correctly loaded so as not to stress the building in anyway. Using Mantracourt's free software, an application was provided to monitor the weights from each of the 40 load cells giving a graphical representation to include the location of the centre of gravity.

Once the opera building had safely reached its new destination, the digital load cells were re-used by the building-relocation specialist as they were easy to install, provided very high resolution measurements, and incorporated safety features allowing the integrity of the measurement to be verified.

Products used in this application:

Digital Load Cell Converter

Digital Load Cell Converter

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