Anchor Testing

The Problem:A load link fitted to an anchor's chain and connected to a strain gauge amplifier allows the recording of the holding power of an anchor over a period of time.

A leading marine publication wanted to carry out tests on various makes of anchors to determine their effectiveness and grade them on their merits. An anchor’s most important feature is its holding power.

The requirement was to capture the varying holding power of each anchor over a period of several minutes and present the results as a series of graphs in a feature article.

The Solution:

A load link was fitted to the anchor chain and connected to an SGA Strain Gauge Amplifier. The IP65 rated SGA was set up to feed a 0-5V signal proportional to the holding power into a data-logger, thereby providing the publication with the data required to write an informative article for their readers. 

Products used in this application:

Strain Gauge Signal Conditioning for Load Cells

Strain Gauge Signal Conditioning for Load Cells

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