Deep Sea Diving Environment Monitoring

Deep sea diving can be a harzardous occupation, therefore divers have to carefully prepare before dives which demands strictly monitored conditions.An ADP15 allows the monitoring of data on pressure, humidity, temperature, oxygen and carbon monoxide in compression rooms allowing for a safe return to 'normal' pressure for divers.

The Problem:

Divers work at depth sometimes for weeks at a time. In order to reduce time and risk of ‘the bends' in returning to surface pressure each time they finish a dive, they live in a compression chamber set to the pressure they are working in. During this time, careful control and recording of pressures, air/gas quality and temperature need to be made. When the diving stint has been completed, the diver needs to slowly return to surface pressure using a series of compression chambers/rooms set at lower pressures.

The Solution:

A complete monitoring and alarm system was built using ADP15 measuring display/control meters . This monitored data on pressure, humidity, temperature, oxygen and carbon monoxide in all the compression rooms and the two active diving bells. Limits for all the data, and any change in rate of any of the parameters, would trigger an alarm as necessary. All the data was readily displayed for each area showing how close any were to limits and logged for future records.


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