Increasing Insight With Remote Monitoring 

1 Feb 2021

Sensor systems specialist offers umbrella platform for monitoring key operational data across an industrial site. 

Signal conditioning and sensor specialist Mantracourt has released SensorSpace®, an umbrella platform for remotely monitoring all the key operational parameters across an industrial site. Suited to use in a variety of industrial sectors, it can be used to remotely monitor the status of any system equipped with a T24 wireless system, from measuring hydraulic pressures and force measurements to temperatures on a food processing lineThis insight can help site managers improve decision making when it comes to implementing maintenance strategies and investing in new systems.

SensorSpace® can be used in a variety of industrial sectors, including the agricultural sector, food and beverage manufacturing, construction and civil engineering. It can be easily set up to automatically send SMS, email and app-based alerts in the event of any problems, like an unexpected change in a system’s operational parameters — this could be anything from pressure loss on a CO2 gas cylinder in an agricultural setting to a sudden drop in temperature in the pre-heating process at a manufacturing facility.

“SensorSpace® is a fully customisable cloud-based platform, tailored to the needs of the end user,” explained Matt Nicholas, product design manager at Mantracourt. “The dashboard can be as simple or as complicated as you need it to be, from a simple numerical display of operational parameters to in-depth overlays, charts and graphs showing live and historical data.”

“The platform provides a place to store and mine all your performance data for up to three years, allowing asset managers to gain insights that were not possible before. For example, site managers in the agricultural sector can use SensorSpace® to overlay data for factors like temperature, soil moisture levels and crop yields over time to improve decision making including investing in things like heat lamps and irrigation systems.”

SensorSpace® is a bespoke cloud-based platform that allows customers to login from anywhere in the world using a desktop or mobile device and remotely monitor system status and asset performance information relayed by Mantracourt’s T24 wireless telemetry system.

SensorSpace Weather Station“The T24 system offers sensor manufacturers the chance to add wireless capability into their products and has become increasingly popular in recent years because of its modular design and ease of set up”, contained Nicholas. “Combining this with the SensorSpace® platform offers manufacturers to significantly enhance their data capture and analysis capabilities.”

“It is becoming clear that remote monitoring offers the most convenient and cost-effective way of managing system performance. This is particularly true in a post-pandemic world, with many businesses forced to adjust to a new digital reality much sooner than they might have planned.”

“It has been a common theme for site managers to worry about the status of their key systems during lockdown. Now, all they need to do is login to their SensorSpace® platform to get the reassurance they need that everything is working as intended.”

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