Metrolog Controles de Medicao Ltda

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Metrolog Controles de Medicao Ltda
Rua Sete de Setembro, 2656 - Centro
13560-181 São Carlos - SP
Tel: +55 (16) 3371-0112

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Metrolog® researches, develops and manufactures equipments and solutions for many measurement applications. With 25 years of experience, they offer a wide range of solutions for dimensional quality control and sensors for many industrial and academic applications.

Their portfolio includes digital measurement columns, air-electronic measurement columns, laser measurement systems, digital indicators, signal conditioners for LVDT and RVDT sensors, digital protractor systems, complete line of LVDT and RVDT sensors (inductive linear and angular sensors), tilt sensors, pressure sensors, load cells, magnetic encoders, piezofilms (PVDF), accelerometers, laser heads and micrometers, and special measurement fixtures and air spindle gauges.

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