Bluetooth Strain Transmitter (B24-SSB)

Bluetooth Strain Transmitter (B24-SSB)
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Bluetooth Strain Transmitter (B24-SSB)
  • Wide sensitivity input - choose from +/- 6mV/V, +/- 12 mV/V, +/- 24 mV/V, +/- 48mV/V
  • Noise free resolution up to 110,000 counts (16.75 bit)
  • Up to 3 months of continuous use at three samples per second. 
  • Monitor up to 12 transmitters by a single device, or multiple devices
  • View App
  • Ideal for close range monitoring up to 90 metres (295 ft)
  • Available in 'C' style IP67 enclosure with integrated battery holder or bare board format for OEM applications

Designed to build measurement systems for hands-on, user friendly access. The B24 Bluetooth system provides close range strain (input) measurements via phone or tablet for instant interaction with data and projects. Connect to up to 12 sensors to a single or multiple mobile devices.

Remarkable power efficient electronics offer wide input sensitivity. Available in either 'C' style IP67 enclosure with integrated battery holder for ease of integration or bare board format allowing the mmodule to be built into OEM applications. See order info for options. 

End User License conditions apply please enquire

B24-SSBC Case Dimensions

















  • B24 iOS & Android App for B24 Bluetooth Transmitters software: See above for links

Product order options

B24 Bluetooth Telemetry Code
Bluetooth Telemetry Strain Bridge Sensor Transmitter (C style enclosure) B24-SSBC-A
Bluetooth Telemetry Strain Transmitter OEM board B24-SSBX-A
Q: What is the resolution?

A: Resolution is switchable in the transmitter. There are five different settings available from 14.25 bits (best battery life) to 16.75 bits (30% battery life).

Q: How secure is B24?

A: B24 employs multiple layers of PINs. If you do not know the PIN, you cannot access this level of communication. The View PIN is required to view any data from the transmitter. The Configuration PIN is required to connect to the module and change settings in it. The Calibration PIN is required to access or change calibration data.

Q: How do I know if the battery is low?

A: Depending on the batteries being used and the situation you are in, you can set a battery low threshold when configuring the transmitter. When that transmitter is then used in a project and that threshold is reached, the project will show a warning.

Q: What battery life can I expect?

A: With a pair of L91 batteries and the transmitter sending a reading every second you will be looking at approximately 10 months of life.

Q: How fast/slow is B24? Is it suitable for dynamic loads?

A: The transmission speed is selectable between 10 times per second to once every 10 seconds. Need faster – see our T24 system.

Q: Can the device measure tension and compression?

A: The analogue input is bi-directional meaning it can read negative as well as positive mV/V signals, ie a load cell in tension or compression.

Q: Can I use with a PC?

Yes, you can! The B24 product was designed primarily for connection to mobile devices however with the use of a suitable BT dongle and our PC drivers it is possible to develop PC based application. The technical documentation is available to allow customers to write their own software using whatever BLE interface they desire.

Q: Can I change the units after its been calibrated?

A: Yes. The B24 can be calibrated in a particular unit such as kg but can transmit its value in another weight unit such as lbs or tons for example.

Q; What countries can I use B24 in?

A: B24 is approved for wireless transmission in the following geographic areas. Europe, North America including Canada and Japan

Q: What sensors can I use with B24?

A: Any bridge based up to +/-48mV/V.  The sensitivity is selectable whilst configuring.

Q: How much is the app?

A: The B24 Mantracourt app is free to download from the app store and the play store.

Q: Can you develop an app for my application

A: Talk with us about your exact requirements.

Q: Will it provide reports and perform logging?

A: You can perform limited logging. See our T24 system for further logging capacity.

Q; How do I copy projects to other devices?

A: You can export the projects and then import them into another device. This works across platforms.

Q: How many transmitters can I display?

A: We would recommend no more than 12. Need to monitor more channels – see T24.

Q: What is the difference between B24 and T24 Telemetry

A: For a full comparison, view our Quick Guide Comparison sheet.

Q: Why is the radio range not specified?

A: The range is dependent on mobile device used. See the list below or page 79 of the User Manual for further information.

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