DSC / DLC Toolkit

About Freeware
This Software title is licensed as FREEWARE. This means it is completely Free to use and can be copied and distributed freely as long as the following conditions are met:
  • The source files on the original media cannot be changed in any way and must be distributed in full including any soft documentation.
  • The software must not be packaged as an end user application. It must only be used as a configuration tool.
  • There must be no charge for the software itself, although a charge may be made for duplication and/or media.
  • Component software parts may not be used in third party applications without prior consent from the software author.

Version 01.00.08  2023

What does it do?

This toolkit allows configuration, calibration, logging, and parameter management of the Digital Load Cell Converter (DSC) & Digital Load Cell Converter (DCell) modules.
You can explore the software without a device connected through the demo mode.

Features & benefits:

The toolkit communicates with a single module at a time to do the following:

• Viewing of input with enunciators for integrity and range errors.

• Two-point auto calibration by application of known weight.

• Setting System Zero and under and over range limits.

• Select measurement rate and filter settings.

• Save module settings including user calibration and ability to restore to same or different DSC/DLC modules.

• View and log input values at up to 100 Hz (dependant on PC and latency of USB port) to a CSV file which can be analysed in a spreadsheet application.

Demo mode for software evaluation.

Easily switch to alternative engineering units (If module has been previously calibrated)

• Advanced Calibration including:

  • 5 point temperature compensation
  • 7 point linearization
  • Lockable calibration for OEM
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