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T24 Windows Drivers (October 2019)

These drivers are for use in your own software and are supported by development platforms capable of using native Windows DLLs, COM drivers (ActiveX) or .NET assemblies. For LabView use the .NET assembly installer.

The ZIP file contains the driver installation and documentation installers for:

Low Level Windows DLL
The native DLL is the low level interface to either USB or serial connection to a T24 base station. This takes care of the very low level communications between the computer and a T24 base station and handles all hardware connections. If this is used on its own it will still require some code sitting above this to decode packets etc.

COM (ActiveX) Driver
The COM driver wraps up the low level DLL driver and provides higher level access to T24 data such as raising events when data arrives and decoding the data. Contains various examples.

.NET Assembly [NEW]
The .NET assembly driver wraps up the low level DLL driver and provides higher level access to T24 data such as raising events when data arrives and decoding the data. Contains examples of using this driver in C#.
NOTE: To help in your understanding of how T24 might interact with LabVIEW, we provide a simple example VI. Please note that Mantracourt are not LabVIEW experts and this is not intended to be a fully functional program. We can only give very minimal support to the LabVIEW example, mainly from the perspective of how T24 functions. Using the dot NET drivers with LabVIEW will require previous good working knowledge of LabVIEW.

All drivers offer the ability to consume the data from T24 transmitters and allow basic communications such as Sleep, Wake and Keep Awake.

In order of preference the selected driver should be .NET then COM followed by the low level DLL as a last resort.


  • Configuration of T24 modules is considered advanced and although these drivers support this ability it is recommended that, where possible, the Toolkit software is used for configuration. Technical manuals may also need to be sourced to understand the requirements of individual modules.
  • You do not need to install these drivers for any other T24 software on the web site.
  • The COM and .NET driver installers also install the low level windows driver DLL.
  • Low level driver is 32bit only which usually means that anything using this must be 32 bit itself or support 32 bit libraries.
  • Drivers suitable for MS Windows only. Suitable for Windows XP, 7, 8, 10. 
  • Drivers and installers are digitally signed.


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