100 Channel Logging & Visualisation Software (T24LOG100)

About Freeware
This Software title is licensed as FREEWARE. This means it is completely Free to use and can be copied and distributed freely as long as the following conditions are met:
  • The source files on the original media cannot be changed in any way and must be distributed in full including any soft documentation.
  • The software must not be packaged as an end user application. It must only be used as a configuration tool.
  • There must be no charge for the software itself, although a charge may be made for duplication and/or media.
  • Component software parts may not be used in third party applications without prior consent from the software author.


What Does it Do?

T24LOG100 has been designed to allow the logging and visualisation of up to 100 channels of data from the T24 Wireless Telemetry range of sensor transmitters.

This software is FREE to download and allows users to build a visual representation of a system and assign live readings. The built in web server provides a summary view page to other computers, tablets, iPads and smart phones etc. using a standard browser.

Watch our 3 minute video which runs through the software’s main features.

A resizable window displays a table of up to 100 channels of data. Channels can be setup with user defined algorithms that can be used to calculate a multitude of maths functions. For example, a display can show the value from a single T24 transmitter module or the sum of multiple transmitters. Visual displays and audible alarms can indicate under and over range as well as loss in communications, low battery and error reports.

Once the display channels are defined the user can quickly build graphical pages showing the data in a variety of formats including digital display or bars. Up to eight pages can be defined and the pages easily navigated between. A variety of image formats can be imported, including JPG, GIF, PDF and DXF.

T24LOG100 can log on demand, at pre-set intervals, on entering and leaving a pre-set overload and during an overload. It creates a CSV file which can be loaded for analysis into software programs such as Microsoft Excel. JSON format data is also available on demand via the built in web server.

This software is also available with customised branding. It is provided with your choice of corporate branding, including company logo, colour scheme and contact information.  Contact us for further information. Tel: +44 (0)1395 232020

Centre of Gravity Function

The Centre of Gravity (COG) function found within T24LOG100 gives you the tools to quickly calculate and visualise centre of gravity from up to eight sources of weight data.  Choose your weight data, specify the X and Y co-ordinates and let LOG100 do the work to calculate and display the position of COG.  Used in Motorsports teams internationally for optimising car set up prior to competitions.  To see the COG function in action, take a look at our Formula One case study.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Free 100 channel software
  • Displays and logs data from up to 100 wireless sensor transmitters from our T24 wireless range
  • Mapping / graphical capabilities
  • Centre of Gravity (COG) function
  • Webserver offers remote viewing on iPads/tablets/smart phones and also supplies JSON data on demand
  • Create reports for your customers and develop custom projects
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, 11 (32 bit software runs on 32 bit or 64 bit OS)
  • Defined algorithms and maths function
  • Logging at timed intervals, manual or on overload / underload
  • Visual and audible alarms indicates over and under load
  • Visual alarm for low batteries and loss in communication
  • Zoom in to channel to see data trends and history
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Export and log data in CSV format
  • Centre of Gravity designer and functionality
  • Customisable logo and colour scheme for integrating into your brand is available


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Product Sheet

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Hardware Requirements and Performance


This software copes with a wide range of operating systems and computer speeds as it has configurable update speeds, logging rates and number of channels.

The recommended minimum hardware specification is an Intel i5 processor with 8 gb RAM.

The software will run on Intel Atom netbooks but you will not be able to log as quickly as on faster computers and may only be able to support a limited number of channels.

As a rule of thumb if you want to log at once per second or slower then you can pretty much use any computer. There are some performance settings in the Preference Window that can help the software feel responsive even on slower computers.


See the 'Preference Window' for the following settings.

The speed of your processor and graphics card can make a big difference to how responsive the computer is as you resize the software main window. On faster computers you can enable 'Show Displays' while resizing.
If the software determines your computer is fast enough, it will enable the option of 'Realtime Chart Update'. On slower computers (or logging at high speeds) you may not want to enable this as it can reduce the logging speeds achievable.

Remember that just because the software allows you to log up to 200 Hz (5 ms interval), depending on the number of display channels, and the complexity of the display channel expressions, you may not be able to achieve the desired rate.

Unfortunately, due to the number of variables in both the computer and the software configuration, it is not possible to accurately predict what is achievable.

For example, the software will not be able to log at 200Hz when 100 channels have been configured.

Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
The software does not take advantage of 64 bit operating systems nor direct advantage of multi core processors, but is compatible with both. 

See software updates below:


5.20.00    31-10-2022
•    Ability to include custom help added.

5.16.00    31-10-2022
•    Improved security in webserver.

5.15.00    20-10-2022
•    Improved security in webserver.
•    Fixed freeze issue using touch screens in visualisations.
5.14.00    14-06-2022
•    Default values for timed-out channels were not sent to cloud.
5.10.00    31-08-2021
•    Additional messages in case of COM error.
5.9.100    22-03-2021
•    Updated live updater.
5.8.10    10-08-2020
•    Fixed issue with .lpk projects showing display page when restored from minimised with 'Show display on resizing' turned off..
5.8.9    24-07-2020
•    Fixed display issue where actual value had more digits than specified in the display format.
•    On a failed project load the ‘Loading Project…’ message would remain visible.
5.8.8    15-05-2020
•    More efficient protection of projects. Now all projects are saved locally before being copied over final destination file.
5.8.7    14-05-2020
•    Fixed issue where saving large projects over slow network could cause a restart of Log100 thus breaking project file. Now a copy is made before saving and mechanisms are built in to recover after save failures.
5.8.3    30-01-2020
•    Fixed log status label in manual log mode.
•    Added Log Now action to visualisation objects.
5.8.1    14-08-2019
•    Fixed a further issue with formatting and resolution.
5.8.0    24-05-2019
•    Now has Check for Update menu item in Help.
•    Now visualisation correctly formats displays when using ###00.00 style formats.
5.7.1    17-05-2019 
•    Now supports ChMIN and ChMAX functions.
•    Fixed missing legend on chart dotted option button.
5.7.0    16-04-2019    
•    Changes to COM interface to support more plugin features.
5.6.8    02-04-2019
•If you use '@yymmdd' in the filename of the logfile this will be replaced by the date in the format of 193012 (for 30th December 2019) and a new logfile will be automatically created at midnight. The automatic resume function will still operate when you use this feature.
5.6.6    26-03-2019
•Rebranding of Cloud Platform plugin.
5.6.3    20-02-2019
•Waits longer for webserver, visualisation and cloudserver before raising an error. 8 seconds was inadequate for very slow PCs.
5.6.2    05-02-2019
•If you use a '@' character in the filename of the logfile this will be replaced by the date in the format of Jan 01 and a new logfile will be automatically created at midnight. The automatic resume function will still operate when you use this feature.
•Introduced Watchdog.exe into plugins folder to auto restart Log100 if it fails for any reason to talk to its COM clients.
5.6.0    05-12-2018
•Added Optimise Visualisation to preference settings.
5.5.1    26-11-2018
•Individual selection of display channels to send to Stratus cloud platform now supported.5.5.0    10-10-2018    
•Fixed waking of transmitters on startup.
5.4.22    31-07-2018    
•Improved plug in support with new features.
5.4.20    12-07-2018    
•Added support for MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx) spreadsheet report templates.  
•Fixed issue where visualisations would fail to save if the project filename contained multiple '.' characters. 
•Increased number of visualisation pages to 16 for BroadWeigh versions of Log100. 
•Added ability to serve visualisation page images to client browsers for BroadWeigh versions of Log100.  
•Added CHAvg() function to expressions to provide realtime block averaged values. 
•Added built in Peak and Valley actions for Display Objects independent of the display channel function and expression. 
•Fixed rotate button on picture import dialog window.
5.4.14    03-07-2018    
•Increased number of visualisation pages to 16 for BroadWeigh versions of Log100. 
•Added ability to serve visualisation page images to client browsers for BroadWeigh versions of Log100. 
•Added CHAvg() function to expressions to provide real-time block averaged values. 
•Added built in Peak and Valley actions for Display Objects independent of the display channel function and expression.
5.4.6    21-06-2018    
•Updated plugin framework.
5.4.2    10-05-2018    
•Fixed conversion issue with some projects created in earlier versions.
•Fixed issue where loading projects corrupted as above would result in Log100 not being visible.
•Fixed supplied example projects which would have caused above issues had they been modified then saved.
5.4.1    13-04-2018    
•Various stability fixes.
5.3.6    12-12-2017    
•Added Reset All, Wake and Sleep to visualisation object action options.
5.3.4    16-11-2017    
•About box now carries logo from bottom left of main screen.
•Can include logo.png in web/view folder for a custom logo on summary web page.
•Help file title is now more generic and does not mention Log100.
5.3.3    13-10-2017    
•Compatibility improvements for Windows 10. 
•New project no longer leaves previous report menu items. 
•Webserver dialog window now rendered in OS style.
5.3.2    15-09-2017    
•If after editing visualisation and saving a further save is made (without any changes to visualisation) the saved project reverts to the pre changed visualisation state.
5.3.0    15-09-2017    
• Added support for COG designer functionality. 
•Display Objects now show a leading space when positive so that the width of the object does not change when value becomes negative. Also when showing dashes, if a channel timeout occurs, the object does not change width. 
•Project Configuration window now opens faster.
5.2.4    16-08-2017    
•Added support for Cloud Server.  
•Added support for COG functionality.
•Fixed incorrect chart button images.
•Fixed crash when triggering user entry for reports from visualisation page.
•The cursor on the chart window now shows a formatted floating point value.
4.10.2    28-02-2017    
•Format placeholders using # would not display or log correctly if a resolution value was used i.e. ###50.  
4.10.0    27-01-2017    
•Triggering a report would stop any in progress logging without informing operator.  
•OLE Interface updated (breaks older plugins)
4.8.0    18-11-2016    
•Now display channels can be hidden from the main grid page.  
•‘Zero All’ menu item added and new action available in visualisation.
4.7.0    16-11-2016    
•Now supports reference to user variables in the report filenames.
Added PSAV custom functionality.  
4.6.0    12-10-2016    
•Added ROC(expression, SampleTime) function for display expressions.  
4.5.1    10-10-2016    
•Display formats can now have leading placeholder character # for leading zero suppression.
4.4.8    22-09-2016    
•Crashing Sonos French
•In visualisation menu shortcuts do not work.
4.3.0    01-09-2016    
•Visualisation data can be lost during save.
•Objects don’t always move when clicked and dragged. Attempted to improve. 
4.2.0      04-08-2016    
•Log will auto resume after non user shutdown such as PC power failure.
•Manual shutdown will give choice of resuming or not on restart.
•Elapsed-time in manual and over-limit logs are now correct.
4.0.21      03-11-2015    
•Ability to control visibility of Zero/Reset buttons for each channel added.
4.0.20      27-10-2015    
•Chart control button interface improved. 
•Mapping renamed as Visualisation.
4.0.11      13-10-2015    
•Fixed issues with regional settings that use comma for decimal separator.
•Opening projects with objects having opacity < 100%.
4.0.10      01-10-2015    
•Now view up to 4 traces on a single chart.
4.0.0    20-01-2015    
•Single project file now. 
•Objects with actions change colour on mouse over. 
•Display artefacts on start-up removed.
•Free version now.
3.0.3      08-12-2014    
•Zero/Gross button issues fixed. 
•Incorrect default display format on newly added channels.
3.0.0    25-11-2014    
•Some regional settings would result in distorted map objects. 
2.0.13      25-11-2014    
•Supports all operating system locales.
1.3.19      10-06-2014    
•Can now enter report descriptions correctly. 
•Better shutdown robustness. 
1.2.2    04-10-2013    
•Help files sometimes did not open after logging or opening or saving a project. 
•Some spelling errors corrected in Log100 help file.
1.2.1    03-10-2013    
•PDF import of single page docs fixed. 
•Resizing mapping window left handles in wrong place. 
•Now objects all unselected on resize. 
•Search added to help files.
1.2.0    02-10-2013    
•Fixed instability when deleting objects in mapping. 
•All installs now targeted to Program Files\log100. 
•MEB file now in app folder

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