Our agriculture telemetry system products can be found in several key areas within the industry in particular within control systems for tractors and other agricultural machinery.

Mantracourts technology has enabled machine users to instantly know the strain a machine is being subjected to, seen in the use of a three point lift draft control system commonly used in ploughing. Other application areas involve signal conditioning for load links and the processing of farm crops for quality and control purposes.

The examples below show how our instruments are being utilised within Agriculture:

If you have an application for Mantracourts telemetry systems and signal conditioning for agriculture load links we are here to help, please contact us

Signal Conditioning for OEM Load Cells Signal Conditioning for OEM Load Cells The Problem: This application was intended as a retrofit kit for tractors that do not have automatic throttle control to modulate throttle setting according to loads on...
Vessel Level Control & Flow Sensing Vessel Level Control & Flow Sensing The Problem: An aqua cultivation company required a constant flow of water to ensure the best conditions for the produce in the pool. The water in the pool was kept mo...
Weighing System for Mango Farm Weighing System for Mango Farm An Australian mango grower had to accurately weigh his produce. It they are not of a required minimum weight to be sold as fruit, they are under-sold for chutney. The Pr...
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