Centre of gravity control for boats under construction

Building boats requires meticulous attention to detail and a thorough understanding of various engineering principles. Among the critical factors that contribute to the safe and efficient operation of a boat is the accurate determination of its centre of gravity. In this application, Nonis Srl utilizes Mantracourt's T24 wireless measurement control technology and data acquisition allowing complete traceability of information during all construction phases of vessles.

Boat construction involves the integration of various components, such as hulls, engines, fuel tanks, and machinery, which collectively contribute to the vessel's weight distribution. Failure to identify and properly position the centre of gravity can lead to compromised stability, imbalanced weight distribution, and potential safety hazards.

Key factors

  • Stability: The centre of gravity serves as the focal point where the boat's weight is concentrated. Proper placement of the centre of gravity ensures that the boat remains stable, reducing the risk of capsizing or loss of control, particularly in challenging water conditions.
  • ·Balance: The distribution of weight across the boat affects its balance. By identifying the centre of gravity, builders can strategically position heavy components, such as engines and fuel tanks, to optimize balance, thereby enhancing the boat's manoeuvrability and responsiveness.
  • Trim and Draft: The position of the centre of gravity significantly influences the boat's trim (longitudinal balance) and draft (depth in the water). Accurate determination of the centre of gravity enables designers to adjust weight distribution, achieving the desired trim and draft characteristics for improved performance and fuel efficiency.

The position of the centre of gravity is a fundamental parameter for the stability and handling of a boat. Knowing the coordinates during construction allows you to distribute the equipment and fittings on board so that the weights are balanced. The advantage of knowing the longitudinal and transversal position of the centre of gravity allows the loads to be perfectly balanced, to the full advantage of the boat's stability and manoeuvrability.

Nonis devoloped the application for monitoring the centre of gravity for shipyards where it is necessary to verify in real time the distribution of masses on a vessel under construction.  The calculation of the centre of gravity is carried out by evaluating the weights on the boat's supports. Through the use of Mantracourt's T24 wireless telemtry Nonis achieve calculation and graphical representation of the boat's centre of gravity.

See the application here.

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Products used in this application:

Wireless Sensor Transmitter Enclosure

Wireless Sensor Transmitter Enclosure

Wireless Telemetry Radio Base Station

Wireless Telemetry Radio Base Station

Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station

Wireless Telemetry USB Base Station

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