Weighing Scales For Health & Fitness

This application demonstrates how the OEM version of the DSCUSB device was used to provide a simple solution for a chain of Diet & Health Clubs. Members of such clubs weigh-in at weekly meetings to track their weight loss and help reach their weight loss goals. Most clubs use a paper record system of monitoring each members weight which is written down and filed each week 

The Problem:

A leading health and fitness company saw the opportunity to electronically log their members weight on a PC so members and leaders can keep records of their weight loss via a central database. The problem was how to transfer the weight readings onto a PC from the set of scales used at the weekly club meetings.

The Solution:

The DSCUSB strain gauge digitiser module with USB interface was integrated by the OEM to the inside of the weighing pad within the scales thereby powering and digitising the output from the load cells. When the scales are connected via the USB to a laptop, weight readings of the members weight were displayed and recorded in the software on the PC. The software enables display and recording of weights in kilograms and stones, as well as Body Mass Index and allowed for reports to be complied on a weekly, monthly or on individual weight losses. For more information about OEM version of this device, please contact us.


Products used in this application:

Strain Gauge to USB Converter

Strain Gauge to USB Converter

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