Silo Weighing with Digital Display

The Problem:Load cells wired to digital strain card allows the data from the load cells to be viewed on an LED display mounted in a convenient location.

A company was looking for a cost effective way of monitoring individual silos with a simple display without the need for permanent connection to a dedicated PC or complicated PC software.

The Solution:

The solution was achieved by installing four load cells wired to digital strain cards (DSC's) fitted to a multi-channel DSJ4 which allowed the loadcells and DSC's to be easily connected via RS485 to the LED display.

By mounting the LED display (DS485DIS) to the wall of the silo, users were able to quickly view changes within the silo. Users viewed the summated value of the display as standard but could view the individual values of each of the four load cells if required. An error message alerted users to any issues with any of the individual load cells.

Products used in this application:

Mount Board for 4 x Digital Load Cell Converters

Mount Board for 4 x Digital Load Cell Converters

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