Steering Torque Sensors for Assessment Situations

The Problem:Strain gauge attachments linked to a PC monitor steering torque

When circumstances prevent a person from driving a standard car, tests have to be carried out to assess the driver's current ability to steer and brake so the vehicle can be adapted for use.

The Solution:

A customer required a device to link to a laptop that would enable these assessments to take place in any car (including the drivers own car). The customer already had special strain gauge attachments for the steering wheel and brake so only required the instrumentation and software. Strain gauge or load cell digitiser (DSC's) were used to monitor the steering torque and braking force of the driver. Mantracourt's free software monitored these devices and provided the assessor with the ability to run multiple tests and to provide printed documentation. The DSC devices were boxed and powered and communicated via a USB cable.

Products used in this application:

Digital Load Cell Converter

Digital Load Cell Converter

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