Product Announcement - Retirement of ADW, SMW, LVDT

3 Mar 2021

Mantracourt are providing advanced notice of the end of life for our long-standing models ADW, SMW, SMW-HR and LVDT.  These products now have limited stocks and will no longer be manufactured to order. 

As these products and technology have aged, so have availability of components - we can no longer source micro-controllers and our panel mount tool is fatigued. A one-time purchase of these parts several years ago has meant we have been able to continue supply, however the supplies are finite and hence our advanced notice of obsolescence.

We will continue to offer a repair/refurbishment programme for the ADW and SMW until 2024. There may be some limitations to the scope of our repair service but we encourage all customers to make contact under RMA so we can assess each unit.

We continue to offer competitive weighing controllers based on our latest technology platform which provide like for like functions to the ADW and SMW.

Please speak to our sales team for more help or advice. Also see our LCA20 Load Cell Amplifier which is equipped with display, 2 set point relays and RS232 and RS485 digital data out or 4-20mA/0-10V analogue output. Or for Din Rail mounted option LCD20

Products affected are as follows:

  • W5000240P - ADW15-0-0-0-240-P
  • W500R3110P - ADW15-0-0-R3-110-P
  • W500R3240P - ADW15-0-0-R3-240-P
  • W5A300240P - ADW15-A3-0-0-240-P
  • W5A30R3110P - ADW15-A3-0-R3-110-P
  • W5A30R312/24P - ADW15-A3-0-R3-12/24-P
  • W5A30R3240P - ADW15-A3-0-R3-240-P
  • W5V40012/24P - ADW15-V4-0-0-12-24-P
  • SC0001S000 - SMW/C-0-0-0-LS1-0-0-0
  • SHC0L301S000 - SMW-HR/C-0-LC3-0-LS1-0-0-0


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