DSC 485 Display (DS485DIS)

The DS485DIS LED display module allows up to eight (8) DSC or DLC devices
  • Next generation display Module for DSC/DCell Digital Load Cells (RS485 input) for up to 8 DSC or DCell load cell aquisition devices
  • The DSC 485 Display provides summation of up to 8 load cell inputs
  • Gross/Net Toggle Legacy Mode
  • New functionality Sets can be configured in Advanced Mode
  • LED Display in Red
  • Removes the need for DSC/DCell to be permanently connected to a PC or PLC

The next generation DSC 485 Display Module for DSC & DCell Digital Load Cells with RS485 Mantrabus input is exclusively for DSC/DCell digital load cells. With an LED display for direct connection and summing of up to eight (8) DSC or DCell load cell acquisition devices. 

  • In Legacy Mode the display can toggle between gross and a zeroed net display and optionally allows the user to cycle through the individual displays that form the Result.
  • When used in Advanced Mode, Sets can be configured. This allows two sets to be configured with up to 4 devices (children) per set. Functions and statistics for each set can be configured with an overall result based on the two sets.
  • The inputs are all synchronised so the result display is a true representation of the instantaneous input.

The DSC 485 Display module can connect to various DSC and DLC devices but does require an RS485 interface and the MantraBus II protocol. Suitable devices are: DSCS4MAN, DSCH4MAN, DLCSMAN and DLCHMAN.

Supply Voltage Nominal 6 to 36V dc (Note that DSC and DLC have 18V MAX!)
Current Consumption (no modules connected)

Nominal 200mA max

Communications Module Communications Bus

RS485 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, no parity

Configuration Bus USB Virtual COM port
Storage Temperature - 20 to +70ºC
Operating Temperature -10 to 50ºC
Relative Humidity 95% maximum non condensing
CE Environmental Approvals IP65


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  • Instrument Explorer : This software allows the user to quickly set up and start to use the digitisers and indicators that Mantracourt offers. Capabilities include event monitoring and data logging, as well as calibration and configuration.

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Display Code
Display Module with RS485 Input DS485DIS
Digital Load Cell Converter

Digital Load Cell Converter

Evaluation Kits for DCell & DSC

Evaluation Kits for DCell & DSC

Mount Board for a Single Digital Load Cell Converter

Mount Board for a Single Digital Load Cell Converter

Mount Board for 4 x Digital Load Cell Converters

Mount Board for 4 x Digital Load Cell Converters

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