Portable Sensor Display Strain Bridge Input (PSDS)

Portable Sensor Display Strain Bridge Input (PSDS)
Magnetic pad for strong semi‑permanent attachment to metallic surface PSDS Cary Case with strap
  • ​High resolution ADC providing sensitivity of between 7.5 mV/V to 480 mV/V. (3.3 VDC Excitation)
  • Strain bridge connector for six wire connection plus TEDS support
  • Two point calibration via the keypad or comprehensive calibration options via the toolkit.
  • Simple keypad configuration or fully customised via toolkit software
  • 128 x 64 dot matrix display with backlight
  • USB port providing configuration, calibration, save & restore, live logging
  • Measurement rate up to 2,400 SPS
  • Ergonomic design with improved grip and shock protection


The PSDS allows simple display of strain bridge based measurements such as load cells and pressure gauges with sensitivity up to +/-480 mV/V.

Up to six calibration ranges are available allowing for different loading modes (tension and compression) or different sensors. Each calibration range will remember settings that contribute to the user experience such as selected units and tare values.

TEDS devices using templates 33, 40 and 41 can be connected and will update the viewed calibration.

Up to six display modes available. These determine what is visible on the LCD display and what actions are available from the set of three soft keys.

Full configuration is available with a free PC based toolkit, requires right angle cable. Some simple configuration such as two point calibration is available from within the handheld using the menu system.

This module can be either used as a handheld device or, using the optional mounting accessories, or attached to equipment, dashboards, walls or desks. Binder connectors need to be ordered separately.

The PSDS is powered by two internal non-rechargeable AA alkaline batteries.

Strain Gauge Measurement

Parameter Min Typical Max Units Note
Measurement Method 6 Wire Can accept 4 wire input
Excitation Voltage 3.2 3.3 3.4 VDC  
Drive Capability 85 - 10,000 Ohm  
Sensitivity FSR Ranges ¹


- ±480 mV/V  
Linearity ²   ±2   ppm/FSR In high quality operating mode
Offset Temperature Stability   12   nV/°C  
Internal Resolution   24   bit  
Resolution at 1 SPS    1,100,000 (20)   Counts (bit) Noise free at ±7.5mV/V range

Resolution at 10 SPS

  550,000 (19)   Counts (bit)
Resolution at 2400 SPS  

6,500 (14.3)

  Counts (bit)

1 - Effective sensitivity from ±0.5mV/V with relative resolution
2 - Linearity error can be further reduced by device linearization calibration

Electrical, Mechanical & Environmental

Parameter Min Typical Max Units Note
Display Resolution 128 x 64 pixels  
Buzzer Acoustic Output   45   dB  

Power Supply ³

2x AA (LRx) or USB powered

Power Consumption   35   mA Measurement operation
Standby Current   75   uA  
Battery Life Low Quality 1Hz   220   Hrs  
Battery Life High Quality 1200Hz   60   Hrs  
Operating Temperature Range -10   50 °C  
Storage Temperature Range-20 -20   80 °C  
Operating Humidity Range 0   95 %RH  

Environmental Protection

IP64 (With connector mated or unmated)  
External Dimensions L: 170mm, W: 94mm, H: 42mm Excluding mated connector
Weight 365 g Including batteries

3 - Using Energizer L91 3000mAh cells



  • PSD Toolkit : Version 01.5.0 For configuration of next generation PSD handheld modules.

Product order options

Portable Sensor Display Strain Bridge Input PSDS-HSBK-A
Accessories Code
Binder Connector 770 6-8mm 427-741
Binder Connector 770 4-6mm 427-739
PSDS USB Right Angle Cable ACC-CB-A
PSDS Sensor Conversion Cable ACC-CB-B
PSDS Magnetic Mount ACC-MT-A
PSDS Fixed Mount ACC-MT-B
PSDS Black Leather Carry Case ACC-CC-A
Strain Gauge or Load Cell Handheld Display with RS232 Data Port

Strain Gauge or Load Cell Handheld Display with RS232 Data Port

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